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Fourth Medieval Festival of Bergues

Organized every two years by "the association of the 28", association gathering 28 carnivalesque and philanthropic companies of the Dunkirk area, Medieval Festival of Bergues, significant festival medieval, returns on Bergues! You will find yourselves there plunged in the environment of the Middle Ages: tournaments, tournaments, markets, feasts, showmen of erudite animals and music are with the program…
La fête se déroule au pied des tours de l'abbaye... As in 2002 and 2004, the 4th edition of this significant demonstration will be held in Bergues, in the Gardens of Groenberg, around the ruins ofthe abbey St Winoc, the Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 Juny 2006.

In 2004, more than 5.000 delighted visitors by this marvellous voyages in the past!

Then, appoint the date well… Afterwards, it will be too late!

That it is said!


Le camp médiéval

Le tournoi... L'artillerie : bombardes et veuglaires...
Program 2006, in particular...


puce Forging mills of the fogs (forging mill, penmanship, artisanal manufacture…)
puce An adjuster of bear
puce The troop Atchaka (Tournament of knighthood)
puce The group Of arcornemuse (traditional Music)
puce The Guild of Wild boars of Ferrain (medieval camp, combat) - New !
puce Arcadia Theatre (travelling acrobats, scénettes) - New
puce Equestrio and its wolves - New !
puce Medieval company of the Flemish Principal rafters - New  !
puce Perceval, enchanteurs of the year millet - New !
puce To fakir and the gitane with the snakes - New !
puce Artisanal market
puce Procession of the troops downtown
puce Great feast


Web of the 28

Le camp médiéval en 2004

L'éducation des futurs chevaliers...

Les troupes prêtes au combat !

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