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Le beffroi en 1641 Last survivor of the three existing chimes before the French revolution, the chime of the belfry east intimate related to the town of Bergues, of which it rate/rhythm all the activity by sounding the old story every fifteen minutes…

A number of bells:    50


Approximate weight:    6,4 Tons of bronze


First chime:   Jean EENWOUDT (1544) 10 bells


Founders:  Jean BLANPAIN - St Omer - 1628
   (G#1 and A#1)
  Crouzet-hildebrand - Paris - 1880
  (A1, H1, C2)
  PACCARD - Annecy le vieux - 1961
  33 bells
  PACCARD - Annecy le vieux - 1973
  12 bells (G#4 with G5)
Vue intérieure du carillon

Extended: 4 complete chromatic Octaves of C to C plus bumblebee of Ground

The largest bell:    D2 - 1.500 kg - 1961

The smallest bell:   G5 - 14 kg - 1973

Access to the keyboard:   193 steps

Keyboard:   Traditional fist-blowing keyboard (49 keys)

Extra pedals (1,5 octaves - 20 pedals)

Mechanics: Stainless rod mechanical drive and directional braces

Bell ringer: Jacques MARTEL (Since 1999) - Tel.

Hearings: On Mondays at 11 a.m. (market time)

Visits: On reservation with the Office of Tourism for  the groups. From April at October, first Saturday of the month at 16 hours 30 visits

Jacques MARTEL, Carillonneur depuis 1999
Le carillonneur au début du XXème siècle

Tunes played :

bulletSharp " Reuze Lied " (Reuze’s song)
bullet30 mins " The Obliging Husband "
bullet15 mins " The Mother Leek "
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