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History of the belfry

The history of the belfry of Bergues is animated, as well as that of the city. Its history merges almost with it, since, like it, it will be destroyed many times, rebuilt, improved:

1112 - Construction of the first belfry

1383 - Destruction by the French at the time of the catch of the city.

End XIVème - Construction of the second belfry.

1544 - First automatic chime

1558 - Set fire to city and belfry by the French - All the frame disappears in the flames but the tower resists.

Projet de campanile de 1559 1560 - Repair of the belfry and creation of a bell-tower.

1628 - New chime of 24 bells.

1790 - The Bouchette deputy wishes, in vain, the destruction of the belfry. The lion of Flanders which dominates the belfry (wind vane) is cut down and replaced by a Phrygian cap.

1815 - The lion which is reproduced on the armorial bearings of the city regains the top of the belfry

1880 - Restoration of the frame and the chime.

1940 - Set fire to by the Germans at the time of the seat of the city (operation "Dynamo" - May 30).

1944 - Dynamiting of the tower by the Germans at the time of their retirement (September 16).

Plans de reconstruction - Avril 1958 1958 - Beginning of the construction of the third belfry (July)

1961 - Inauguration of the belfry and the chime. (July 2)

2004 - Classification historic building  (November 2)

2005 - Classification with the title of the world inheritance of humanity at the time of the general assembly of UNESCO with Durban (South Africa)

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