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During centuries, the belfry of Bergues will have various functions which it gradually will lose during centuries, except the last, always of topicality:

Carry city

Probably, the first communal tower also served as single door of city from the point more threatening, the hill of Groenberg.

bullet Turn of Guet

The belfry will keep this function until 1914. Until this date, two guetteurs living in the bell-tower (with the top of the bells), supervised the city and its neighbourhoods (enemy & fires).


Town hall

The burgomaster and his aldermen met in the first stage of the tower until 1586, time when Philippe II (of Spain) decided fusion of the city and châtellenie. The municipal authorities then left the belfry to integrate Landhuys, on the other side of the place.


Turn of the bells

Tower of the "Banklocke" (official bell of the commune) then turn of the bells, the belfry nowadays keeps this function on the level of the advertisement of the hour (every fifteen minutes) and of the chime, musical instrument.

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