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Medieval Festival

The belfry

Symbol of communal freedoms and symbol of the city, the belfry is drawn up proudly in the sky of Flanders from the town hall.

Third belfry built at the same place, this one was rebuilt in 1961 following its destruction by fire (May 30, 1940) then by dynamiting (September 16, 1944) by the Germans. It includes in its broad outline the belfry preceding, itself rebuilt afterwards bag of the city in 1383 by the French. This last, by the boldness of its construction, its lightness and its elegance, passed to be the most beautiful belfry of France.

Le beffroi avant le 30 mai 1940

Le Beffroi aujourd'hui The belfry shelters today the chime, the office of tourism, Space Belfry as well as and the music art schools of the city.
The belfry is classified historic building (November 02, 2004). Since July 16, 2005, it is classified with the world inheritance of humanity by UNESCO (classification of 23 belfries of the Nord/Pas-de-Calais/Somme).

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